Tots Tennis 3-4yrs

Tots Tennis is a fun, play-based introduction to tennis for pre-school ages. The focus is on developing agility, balance and coordination through a variety of games. We encourage children to understand their bodies through movement, develop ball and racket skills, and move on to mastering forehands, backhands and more. We aim to develop a love for sport in children at an early age, as well as helping them to socialise and play constructively with others.

Mini Tennis Red 4-8yrs

Mini red tennis is ‘stage 3’ of mini tennis and is the perfect starting point for children aged 4-8. Played on a small tennis court with a soft ball that has a low bounce, it provides the perfect opportunity for young players to learn the basics and have fun! The shorter rackets used help players develop different types of shots and work on their hand-eye coordination. Red tennis nets are lower than yellow ball tennis nets at 80cm high (in the middle). Mini red tennis matches are typically scored with a tiebreak to 10 points, although sometimes matches are played as a best of three tiebreak, with each tiebreak being played to seven points.

Mini Tennis Orange 8-9yrs

Mini orange tennis is ‘stage 2’ of mini tennis and is designed to allow players to continue their progress of the game. Emphasis is placed on developing players’ all-round game, building on the technique and tactics they learned during stage 3. The tennis courts and rackets are bigger and the mini orange tennis balls are not as soft as the red balls, resulting in more bounce. Mini orange tennis balls are firmer than red tennis balls used in stage 3 but are still 50% softer than regular balls. They are also 50% slower through the air than standard tennis balls to provide optimal performance for the court size and age of players. The balls are typically between 60mm-68mm in diameter. Singles games are played on a 18m x 6.5m court whilst doubles mini orange tennis courts should be 18m x 8.23m (the full width of a standard singles court).

Mini Tennis Green 9-10yrs

With mini green tennis (stage 1) young players take the step up to full size tennis courts for the first time. As you’d expect, with the step up comes bigger rackets and balls that have more bounce. The time 10-year olds spend playing on full size courts using mini green tennis balls provides invaluable experience ahead of moving on to playing with regular yellow tennis balls. Just as the orange tennis ball was a step up from the red, mini green tennis balls are a step up from the orange balls. Green balls are only 25% slower through the air than regular balls and are typically the same size as standard tennis balls. Stage 1 tennis is played on full size courts for both singles and doubles.

Yellow 11yrs +

Yellow tennis is tennis as we know it. Here players play on full tennis tennis court with ITF approved tennis balls which are also used for adult play. Players will have basic technique and looking to add various spins to the ball including topspin and slice. An understanding of matchplay and scoring will be advantageous as for new players matches will introduced as well as improving techniques.

Private Lessons - Junior

Private lessons are your one on one time with our coaching team for sessions designed around your personal goals towards improving areas of your technical and tactical game. It is here where any techniques are corrected specifically for the individual.


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